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What to pay attention to when buying a fence

Guardian.com What to pay attention to when purchasing

Fence fences are also popular online shopping. The fences are not ordinary small commodities. There are some things to pay attention to when buying stadium fences:

1. Choose an authoritative and formal online platform to choose a stadium fence business. Look at the qualification of the fence manufacturer, the qualification of the stadium fence is a must, see the registered capital of the stadium fence business license, and the annual inspection record of the stadium fence tax registration certificate. That is to say, to see his stadium fence production scale on the Internet, you need to find a stadium fence manufacturer that suits you. Avoid finding self-employed or personal stadium fence manufacturers. Finding those manufacturers is really no guarantee. You have to try your luck.

2. After selecting the manufacturer, check the basic situation of the merchant on Baidu to see if there are any bad records or complaints. One move was a fence manufacturer with a bad record, and some consumers exposed him on the Internet. (Do not find controversial manufacturers)

3. When communicating with the manufacturer, try to understand the quality of the fence product and the size of the material as much as possible. When negotiating with the manufacturer, the price is based on the quality to avoid some manufacturers from shoddy, thinking that the price is cheap, but the quality is actually not good. Understand the issues of logistics distribution and after-sales installation, and comprehensively consider the value of the product.

4. A safe and reasonable payment method is an important means to protect consumers' funds. Try to choose the payment method to pay to the public account, so that in the event of a dispute, it can prove the payment certificate for the purchase of the product and the account opening information that can find the buyer.
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