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Selection of specifications and requirements for fence nets

Select the specifications and requirements of Guardian Net

The most important thing to buy gates is quality, and the beauty price of gate nets is naturally the most ideal, and also the most ideal product, but what kind of gates have good prices and good quality? Perhaps, when we choose the gate net, what should we pay attention to?

We want to see what the screen of the gate looks like. Generally, the grid is made of wires of different standards. The diameter and strength of the wire directly affect the quality of the grid. The manufacturer of the fence should select a product line made of high-quality wire produced by a regular manufacturer; secondly, welding or weaving a grid. In the process, this aspect mainly depends on the skills and operating abilities between skilled personnel and outstanding production machinery. Generally, outstanding meshing is an outstanding connection, every welding or operation point.

It should be noted that for the selection of the structure of the gate, some regular large factories use angle steel and round steel, but the selection of angle steel and round steel for different parts should be different.

The overall spraying skills of the fence. Generally speaking, the entire product should pay attention to the uniformity of the spray. If you choose a fence to satisfy the above three points, the quality of the paint is also very important, and then congratulate you, you Selected excellent protective fence products.

Specifications and requirements for selecting fence nets