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Matters needing attention in winter construction of fence net equipment

Fence fence Equipment winter construction considerations

It has entered the winter, especially since the beginning of the nineteenth, the north is now frozen and frozen soil is unable to carry out groundbreaking construction, then the fence net equipment is not affected, what problems should be paid attention to? Yuge answers questions for us. In fact, people all know that the work power of workers is low in winter and the difficulty of construction is increasing. It is really not a good time for construction. However, as the new year is approaching, many project needs are over. The scheduled policy and there is an end, so even if the difficulty increases, it still has to end. of.

There is always a peak period of sales of guardrail nets before the end of the year. Of course, people don't put them up but get the equipment right away. It is not impossible for fence nets in winter. Just pay attention to a few aspects and it will be fine. In winter equipment, guardrail nets need to pay attention to three aspects: embedded pillars, security methods, and reasonable time arrangements.

Since many fence netting equipment are pre-embedded columns, the land in the north is frozen in winter and the excavation work is difficult to do. If it is possible, it is still recommended to pit or even pour concrete to strengthen it in advance. If it is necessary to dig a hole in winter, there are also machines that can be used. It is not a problem to use a special drilling machine to drill the rock, and it is portable, and you can also use an excavator with a hole opener.

If you only need manual labor, you can only find something handy like a Yang pick. Maybe you thought it would be fine if you dig the pit, but you are only halfway through your homework. Next, you need to pour concrete and keep him warm, especially in places where the soil is rich in water, such as watersides. Prevent the sequelae caused by the soft land when the land recovers in the coming year.
Precautions for winter co<em></em>nstruction of fence net equipment