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Advantages of road and railway isolation barriers

Road and RailwayIsolation FenceAdvantages

Speaking of isolation barriers, I think everyone is not too unfamiliar, because isolation barrier products are used in daily life. Isolation barriers emerged in the hometown of Anping wire mesh. After decades of development, they have spread all over the country. The city will encounter Anping wire mesh dealers selling isolation barriers. Isolation barriers are widely used and cheap. They are an evergreen tree in the wire mesh market. However, the market competition is fierce and cruel, and the quality has been reduced in disguise to lower prices. Isolation barriers have been reduced. The market is chaotic, let us, isolation barrier manufacturers work together to maintain the isolation barrier market, so that buyers and sellers can get better service.

The highway isolation fence is a very flexible isolation fence product. It can not only be used as a permanent mesh wall, but also can be used as a temporary isolation fence. Therefore, it can be ended by choosing a different column fixing method.

The product standards for highway barriers are as follows:

Select steel wire with a diameter of 4.0-4.5mm;

Grid: 60mm×150mm

Steel tube frame: 30×20mm

Column: 48*2mm;

Height: 1.6m2.4m

Column spacing: 2.5m-3m.

Standard target of railway isolation fence:

1. Material: Q235 low carbon cold drawn steel wire

2. Dipping wire: 4.5-5mm

3. Mesh: 50mm×200mm (rectangular hole)

4. Anticorrosive treatment: dipping

5. Maximum scale: 2.4m×3m

Railway guardrail is a special isolation fence product on both sides of the railway. Its characteristics are as follows:

1. The railway isolation fence has the characteristics of light weight, novel appearance, and beautiful performance;

2. It can also be used as an anti-throwing net for highway bridges;

3. Use high-efficiency dipping;

4. It is easy to disassemble and assemble, and it has good reusability. It can be used to design the fence from scratch according to the needs;

5. Belongs to environmentally friendly products, which can be recycled after all.

Four advantages of railway isolation barrier products:

1. The railway isolation fence has a simple, beautiful and useful grid frame;

2. It is easy to transport, and the equipment is not restricted by the terrain;

3. Extraordinarily, it is extremely adaptable to mountains, slopes, and bends;

4. The quotation is medium to low, suitable for large area selection.
Advantages of highway and railway isolation barriers