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Alien news

Alien news

5 hours lost_alien kidnapped mankind archives

  Time: April 10, 1985 .23:40   Location: Gansu  Witness: Shi Yule (pseudonym)  Features of flying objects: dish-shaped, blue-white, white light, hijacked   Around 23:40 on April 10, 1985, I

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Alien news

What is the IQ of aliens?

For now, the editor of the ufo110 clue network believes that so far there is no conclusive evidence to prove that the earth has been visited by alien. Some people describe the natural phenomena that c

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Alien news

Have aliens visited the earth

Aliens have you ever visited the earth ufo110 clue net www.ufo110.net editor to answer this question for you:1. There are indeed many scientists who believe that there are aliens. Their main basis is:

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Alien news

Scientist receives mysterious call from aliens

According to the French press, scientists from the former Soviet Union and the United States are studying a mysterious radio signal from outer space.According to analysis, this signal is a call f

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Alien news

Aliens have left debris on the earth?

Aliens have left debris on the earth?

Tens of thousands of aliens control flying saucers to fly over the earth, make investigations, and sometimes come to the earth for field investigations.In these frequent flights, even if their interst

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Alien news

Alien Smart Communications

Aliens Smart Communication We are not alone in the universe.A few years ago, this statement seemed far-fetched; today, most scientists with extraterrestrial intelligence exist.Sir Bernard Lovell, one

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Alien news

"Sexual behavior" between aliens and earthlings

On June 28, 1979, Antonio, who lived in the outskirts of Damirasol, São Paulo, Brazil, was abducted into a flying saucer by an alien. Under the arrangement of the alien head, he and the female alienS

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Alien news

Three reasons for the existence of aliens

For the three reasons for the existence of Aliens, the editor of ufo110 clue net will tell1. It is possible for aliens outside the earth or terrestrial people to become aliens on other stars. Because

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Alien news

Aliens "out"

Aliens "Out" After the discovery of alien sites in Tosu Lake was disclosed by the media, it attracted the attention of mainland academic circles.In May 2001, a temporary scientific expedition team led

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