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France suspected of "alien base"

France suspected of "alien base"

   If the end of the world really comes in 2012, where should humans take refuge?Recently, there has been a rumor among UFO fans in the world that the small village of Bigarache in southern Fra

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FBI reveals UFO aliens

FBI reveals UFOAliensAlien is a collective term for human beings of intelligent creatures outside the earth.There have always been hypotheses about "aliens" in ancient and modern China and abroad, and

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Human time hijacked by aliens

   Very few stories about the hijacking of alien are portrayed so bizarrely by New England’s Bedy Anderson.Many years later, Anderson's journey to the universe was only discovered in 1977 and 1980

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Suspected [Alien Skeleton] in Mars photos

Suspected [Alien Skeleton] in Mars photos

The British newspaper Mirror reported that the photos provided by the "alien enthusiast" showed that two white objects in the shape of bones were exposed on the surface of Mars.One of them is small, s

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Humans are guinea pigs for aliens

   How did people come? No one and the information can explain clearly.A year ago, I read a book, "Man is the Experiment of Astronauts", which was an eye-opener.It's a pity that the book was lost af

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Has anyone found aliens in the United States?

Has anyone found an alien in the United States?American UFO (unidentified flying object) enthusiasts who believe that "the truth is there" gather around Highway 375 in Nevada, USA, to study UFOs.Becau

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Aliens may be smart carnivores

Aliens may be smart carnivores and social skills   In our eyes, Titan looks very friendly.The seawater temperature of this satellite is about 93 K (0 degrees Celsius is equivalent to 273.15K), which

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Alien body structure

Aliens's body structure may be made of glassSteven Benner of the Applied Molecular Evolution Foundation of Florida, USA stated that most parts of the solar system are either too hot or too cold for th

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The secret of whether "aliens" visit the earth

   The farce of "Aliens" visiting the earth has been acting for almost a hundred years, and there are still more "actors" joining.It is said that the crop circle is caused by aliens, and so is the p

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Alien contact in Warminster

   Britain used to be a haunted country.Flying saucers can be said to be ghosts from space, and their appearance in Great Britain cannot fail to attract people's attention.Things started to happen i

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